What’s your current position & how did you reach here?


Always been my own boss, I have never take shit from anyone.

Answered by Rupert Samuel

The boss, Walletly, A1Club.

Digital Services (Head). I started as an SEO content writer for gadget website. Then moved up as a Content Manager for a tech start-up. Later I got an opportunity to work as a Web Producer with Network 18. Then joined ImaginXP (which was recently acquired by E&Y) as a digital marketer. It is a UX and UI design company. Got them ranked to top position for their target keyword ahead of bigger & established brands. One of the biggest career breaks came when I got an opportunity to work with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) as a Social Media Manager (also handled other inbound marketing initiatives for them). Received multiple awards for social media marketing and its campaigns while working at PMC. Currently at IHM Aurangabad, I lead digital marketing initiatives as part of my profile as Digital Services (Head)..

Answered by Umair Ansari

Digital Services (Head), Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad

I started my career back in university, where I was doing marketing for an international student organisation Enactus. In 2010 while traditional marketing was still dominating, I started to learn more about online customer journey during my internship at Allianz. As a global insurance giant, I received great mentorship on leading topics of lead management and digital transformation, which have shaped me as a ‘starter’ in Digital Marketing. Coming back to my graduation year at the university, I started 7marketz in the Netherlands, on-boarding a number of SMEs for online marketing services. My network was growing fast through referrals and LinkedIn marketing. No website presence was even necessary for 7marketz those days, as leads were coming through by (online) WoM. In 2013, I continued my career as Campaign Manager at an international Fintech company, followed by other positions as MarCom Manager at a biotech startup and Digital Marketing Manager at Philips headquarters. <br/> <br/>A combination of startup marketing, global corporations and own agency have shaped me as an experienced marketer in the tech world.<br/><br/>In summer 2017 I was back as a full time Chief Marketing Officer with my agency team, which has grown to 2 more offices and 100+ team members worldwide.<br/><br/>Today we are not just a digital marketing agency, but also a Group holding for a number of other innovative projects with fintech publishing, AI and machine learning.<br/>

Answered by Maryna Burushkina

Chief Marketing Officer at 7MARKETZ Group

I'm my own boss. I launched the business in Dec 2016 while in my corporate role. I've been working in digital marketing for over 10 years in various industries and always in an organic marketing role. I've been involved in all the elements and how they work together along with strategy and planning too. I had my daughter in 2014 and returned to work in 2015. It was a year after when my boss was due to go on maternity leave that I was promoted. I was to look after her role while she was away and it was this that gave me the confidence to finally go for it with my own business. It's evolved a lot since that first launch and as anyone in marketing knows it changes frequently and I like that, being your own boss is like that too. You move, grow, evolve and basically strive to deliver the best service to your clients.

Answered by Maxine Kerley

Owner, Digital Bon Bons

I am the founder & COO of Zybra. We came together at VentureStudio(by Stanford University’s Centre for Design Research & Ahmedabad University) Earlier, I was founder & CEO at InterestShip a platform for students to explore, learn & grow in their field of interest. We impacted more than 1 Lakh students through this platform.

Answered by Deep Patel

Founder & COO of Zybra

I'm currently the marketing head of a cybersecurity solutions distributor based in New Zealand. I started out as a journalist - specialised from lifestyle to business to I.T. - and as I had kids and could no longer do the graveyard schedule editors inevitably get into, I moved onto PR. Realising I had more to offer with my educational background in human behaviour, I successfully ventured into marketing consultancy and events management. I'm hooked into almost all things digital, so evolving into digital marketing was a natural progression in my career. It's all about hard work, continuously upskilling, and rolling up my sleeves when needed.

Answered by Cherry Thelmo Fernandez

Marketing Coordinator, Chillisoft

I’m a freelance Social Media Strategist, I work remotely for a few different companies, mainly start-ups across the U.K. I’ve been working in social media for 12 years and have a background of social media marketing, community management and recruitment.

Answered by Dannii Moon

Freelance Social Media Strategist

Owner. I've done consulting, helping funding companies get their fulfillment developed. Decided it was time to leave as only thing higher is to be the owner.

Answered by Evan Arancibia

Owner, EZ Consulting LLC

My current position is of a director. Just after my senior secondary school exams, I started to write (professionally) and it kept drawing me more and more into content writing & strategizing. But then, I found that to make my content reach the target audience, I need to market. Thus, began my marketing journey. Starting from learning on the job to talking courses and reading blogs, I devoted myself learning everything I could in marketing. My best friend was and is a designer and we decided to couple our skills to build a marketing agency aiming to strategize to the last pixel/dot possible. And that is my journey to being a director at WirSay.

Answered by Apurba Rath

Director, WirSay Technologies Pvt Ltd

I'm the Founder of Woodpecker Media. After devoting a decade in exploring and contributing to this industry, I realised my passion and drive to do more which was captured in my own media service company.

Answered by Moushumi Pal

Founder of Woodpecker Media

I am a social media and Facebook ad strategist operating my social media & marketing agency called Adlux Marketing. I realized the last year of my undergrad in a online marketing class that I loved marketing. So I decided to pursue my MBA and started working in sales and marketing. One in into my masters degree I started my social media marketing business serving clients 1:1. It took off I was able to quit my previous job within 3 months and went in full time. I've been in business 1 1/2 years now and love the clients I get to serve.

Answered by Gabrielle Crumley

Founder, Adlux Marketing

Director at The Channel, a leading digital marketing agency in New Delhi

Answered by Vandana Kapur

Director at The Channel

I founded Social Pod, an end to end Social Media Management Agency after working for 7 years in Sales and Marketing roles spanned across Brand Management, Digital Marketing and Product Management.

Answered by Abhishek Sharma

Founder - Social Pod

CEO and creator of Interwealth Creations - Hard work and ethics with persistent promotion and satisfied clients.

Answered by Terry Anthony Day

Owner of Interwealth Creations

Social Media Marketer. My background is business development, entrepreneurship, and spiritual transformation. I spent a lot of time on social media so I learned how to make money doing it!

Answered by Tawney Allen

Socia Media Marketer at Tealwing Marketing

I am currently the Social Media Manager at Heyland & Whittle. Throughout my career I had various marketing roles but I have a true passion for Social Media – It is the natural progression of human communication, enabled by the technology at hand. There are lots of social media platforms available to marketers today, and the ones you use can play a major role in your social media marketing success.

Answered by Roxana Asaftei

Social Media Manager at Heyland & Whittle

I am a San Diego based integrated marketer working at the intersection of technology, creative and media. For the past 14 years I have been building brands and helping companies solve business problems through digital technology. I have gained success by debunking marketing myths through client education and by providing a dedicated solution for business problems.

Answered by Zara Baker

Full-Stack Integrated Marketer

I am the Founder & CEO of SociStory -- your brand's social media manager, digital marketing advisor and more. I've been in the marketing field for over 10 years when social media was just getting started for businesses. I love meeting people and bringing on new partnerships which has been instrumentally helpful in this line of work.

Answered by Aisha Rasul

Founder & CEO at SociStory, San Francisco

I've been a freelance social media strategist and content creator since the beginning of 2018. Before that, I was in the same type of role with a company for six years. That company is now a client, and I still really enjoy the work I do with them.

Answered by Stephanie Sadler

Social Media Strategist

I handle Public Relations for brands like Awfis, CREDAI & Coca Cola, which means I explore different formats and get them featured in interviews, blogs, websites, newspapers, podcasts etc. PR is all about helping brands raise awareness, building credibility, and strengthening their community. Earlier, I used to work with a boutique agency in Mumbai managing 6 different brands like Happy Planet, Trainme, Countryside Adventure Holidays etc. and since then I've developed a love for this field.

Answered by Amrita Dudeja

PR Executive, MSL Group

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