What will success look like for you in your work in the next few weeks?


Generating a decent list of warm leads from cold leads with a simple subscriber form.

Answered by Umair Ansari

Digital Services (Head), Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad

Can’t wait to launch GrowthChannel 1.0 😎 <br/> GrowthChannel is an AI powered marketing engine to automate the routine tasks of marketers for planning, campaign activation, optimisation and reporting, leaving more time for marketers to focus on creativity and strategy.

Answered by Maryna Burushkina

Chief Marketing Officer at 7MARKETZ Group

Wow next few weeks! I would love to have a full week off and not because there are school holidays but because I want the whole week off to have some time to relax, possibly get some life admin done but basically have some downtime. It would also be great to be booking our Summer Holiday too.

Answered by Maxine Kerley

Owner, Digital Bon Bons

In next few weeks, Zybra would be crossing the mark of 60k+ User base and at InterestShip, we would be expanding to Australian Markets

Answered by Deep Patel

Founder & COO of Zybra

I'm initiating the company's inbound marketing strategy and marketing automation with onboarding scheduled within the next few weeks.

Answered by Cherry Thelmo Fernandez

Marketing Coordinator, Chillisoft

I’m working with a start-up that will be launching in a few weeks. It’s really exciting to be working with a brand that’ll change the way people will view the market of health, fitness and alternative medicine.

Answered by Dannii Moon

Freelance Social Media Strategist

Success will mean new relationships and new partners for our company.

Answered by Evan Arancibia

Owner, EZ Consulting LLC

The next few weeks are going to be exciting. As we are going to start a new project. In our test phase, the response was outstanding. So, now we are ready to accelerate!

Answered by Apurba Rath

Director, WirSay Technologies Pvt Ltd

With climbing every step to success, it’s necessary to prepare yourself with that step. Thats exactly what I and my team strive for. We will look forward to add more happpy clients to our lists and garner more visibility for ourselves.

Answered by Moushumi Pal

Founder of Woodpecker Media

In the next few weeks I am looking to take on 1-2 more amazing clients who are ready to grow their business.

Answered by Gabrielle Crumley

Founder, Adlux Marketing

The plans are meticulously laid as we put our best foot forward for major expansion in the coming few months. In next few weeks, the success lies in getting associated with some industry-identified brands and to be their one-stop digital marketing agency. I also look forward to enhancing the product range at "The Channel", thus presenting unique and creative services in the fields of advertising, marketing and digital design.

Answered by Vandana Kapur

Director at The Channel

Exceeding expectations of our customers in terms of $ value and brand building, as happy customer is the backbone of your business.

Answered by Abhishek Sharma

Founder - Social Pod

Rapid social growth and quality clients.

Answered by Terry Anthony Day

Owner of Interwealth Creations

In a few weeks we will be launching a new campaign and we are aiming to increase our conversion rate and generate new leads.

Answered by Roxana Asaftei

Social Media Manager at Heyland & Whittle

Adding another client to my portfolio. I focus on distilleries, wineries and breweries. However, I have an extensive background in B2B and B2C. Currently, my most unique client is in the digital health sector called CredibleMind.

Answered by Aisha Rasul

Founder & CEO at SociStory, San Francisco

In a few weeks I aim to be the main point of contact for atleast one big client, end to end manage their portfolio and start working on new businesses development.

Answered by Amrita Dudeja

PR Executive, MSL Group

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