What are the best tips you were ever given when conducting a social media campaign?


Never had a mentor as such but I learnt from my own experience that you need to speak the language of your target audience. This is much more relevant when it comes to India as campaigns regional languages (which I have experience with) do really well.

Answered by Umair Ansari

Digital Services (Head), Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad

Oh my....be authentic, be engaging and always give back.

Answered by Maxine Kerley

Owner, Digital Bon Bons

Start with a clear goal. Research and plan every stage. You need to know what rules apply for each platform too. Have an SEO goal as well as a social one. Gather data, use social listening in your plan too. Be fully prepared for every outcome.

Answered by Dannii Moon

Freelance Social Media Strategist

Test and adjust and test again. You always need to evolve when it comes to testing your social media. Listen to your audience and offer what they're asking for, not what you want for them.

Answered by Evan Arancibia

Owner, EZ Consulting LLC

Your audience are human beings. Engage with them like one and curate visuals & content which makes them feel like they matter. Golden words they are!

Answered by Apurba Rath

Director, WirSay Technologies Pvt Ltd

Remarketing campaigns are the call of the day. Every business page must consider this concept to amplify their outreach.

Answered by Vandana Kapur

Director at The Channel

"Patience is a virtue" was one of the best tips I was given by one of the most followed social media consultants. Another important tip shared by a highly successful internet celebrity is "people say Facebook doesn't work as they don't know how to use it." For the past 10 years I have created many successful social media campaigns that reached >10 M in target audience and I firmly believe I achieved this success as I used both tips. Social media is a world of uber opinion sharing platforms and the only way to increase your brand share of voice is to share valuable and engaging content to reflect

Answered by Zara Baker

Full-Stack Integrated Marketer

Ask yourself: Why will my audience care about this content? Will it spark conversation? Ultimately, will it help achieve the end goal?

Answered by Stephanie Sadler

Social Media Strategist

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