What is a key metric you’re measuring these days, and why?


CRO. We have really good engagement rate and are focusing on enhancing our current conversion rate.

Answered by Umair Ansari

Digital Services (Head), Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad

Conversion rate. <br/>This has been in focus for a while now, and will always stay relevant. Conversion rate tells us how well a certain channel is performing, attributed to the success rate of our marketing activities, down to the business bottom line. And the best thing about it - clients LOVE to hear about it too :)

Answered by Maryna Burushkina

Chief Marketing Officer at 7MARKETZ Group

Website traffic and conversions because we can have "x" number of followers etc but you need to be driving traffic and actually making sales by getting seen in as many areas as you can be.

Answered by Maxine Kerley

Owner, Digital Bon Bons

Google Analytics to see how much traffic our marketing efforts get, how much sales were generated from adwords.

Answered by Cherry Thelmo Fernandez

Marketing Coordinator, Chillisoft

My happiness! If i'm not happy, my business will suffer. Happiness is key, there's times when the business can be stressful and chaotic but that's part of the process. Usually on Sundays as I'm getting ready for bed I ask myself: "What is stressful right now, is there anything that has bothered me this week at work? How can I fix this, can it be fixed? What can I do to make the next week better" Asking these questions at night has helped me key in exactly what I need to do each week. By doing so it's helped my business grow and our staff is happier as well as our partners and customers!

Answered by Evan Arancibia

Owner, EZ Consulting LLC

Key metric I measure is engagement. In my blogs, traffic. Engagement gives me an idea on what is appreciated by the people and what not. That helps me and my team to refine our work. Traffic, for obvious reasons!

Answered by Apurba Rath

Director, WirSay Technologies Pvt Ltd

With my clients ads always ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) at the end of the day are we making money is something that is very important to me.

Answered by Gabrielle Crumley

Founder, Adlux Marketing

Return on Investment, because profitability gives you more flexibility to experiment.

Answered by Abhishek Sharma

Founder - Social Pod

Client relationships as people buy out of emotional design by connection.

Answered by Terry Anthony Day

Owner of Interwealth Creations

I measure many different types of metrics as marketing metrics vary from business to business. A KPI of success to one business might not be important to another business. It all depends on the marketing objectives and what the client wants to achieve; increase in sales, audience growth, client retention or acquisition. Personally, my favorite metrics are KSV (Keyword Share of Voice), I mean digital marketing is the game of winning attention and matching your business solution to the audience's search intent and LTV (Life Time Value) as it enables me to ensure my client that I have created sustainable success for their business.

Answered by Zara Baker

Full-Stack Integrated Marketer

Engagement is always at the top of the key metric list. High engagement shows your posts are resonating with your audience and sparking conversations organically on social is key for visibility.

Answered by Stephanie Sadler

Social Media Strategist

We work on a metric called PR Value which is the number of stories multiplied by the viewership for each story.

Answered by Amrita Dudeja

PR Executive, MSL Group

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