If you had the time to add one more project or tactic to your marketing, what would it be, and why?


One tactic I would love to implement more is guest posting. It not only offers excellent opportunity to develop reputation as a brand but also gives exposure to a new set of loyal audience.

Answered by Umair Ansari

Digital Services (Head), Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad

Hosting webinars. Really, providing education and real value to clients and prospects, reconnecting with our audience on a frequent basis is something I'd like to start soon.

Answered by Maryna Burushkina

Chief Marketing Officer at 7MARKETZ Group

I would probably say Pinterest. I'd love to offer this as a service but I'm a firm believer in that I need to walk the walk, so I like to learn and most importantly put into practice as much as I can first to see results to then be able to help other business owners.

Answered by Maxine Kerley

Owner, Digital Bon Bons

Develop a 6 week course on generating leads for the start-up funding space. That is my next to-do on the top of my projects.

Answered by Evan Arancibia

Owner, EZ Consulting LLC

If I had time to add one more project then it would be reading about every cuisine's origin across the world and blog about them. Why? Because, as certified a nutritionist and blogger, it's a dream!

Answered by Apurba Rath

Director, WirSay Technologies Pvt Ltd

I would love to add on Pinterest Advertising, I currently do organic Pinterest but haven't had the time to dive into ads on Pinterest.

Answered by Gabrielle Crumley

Founder, Adlux Marketing

I am quite impressed by the concept of Influencer Marketing. This is one area of digital branding that we are exploring further and we look forward to adding it to our bouquet of services very soon.

Answered by Vandana Kapur

Director at The Channel

Franchising my company for more leverage of profits.

Answered by Terry Anthony Day

Owner of Interwealth Creations

I would love to create and drive a marketing strategy for SpaceX, a company that designs, manufactures and launches rockets and spacecraft. I have always been fascinated by space and ideas about life on another planet and I believe this passion would help.

Answered by Zara Baker

Full-Stack Integrated Marketer

I would spend more time doing long-form writing (e.g. articles and blogs)

Answered by Aisha Rasul

Founder & CEO at SociStory, San Francisco

Every brand has domestic and global campaigns, I usually work on domestic ones but at my organization we have a huge knowledge base as well as a community for global ones which I would love to look at more frequently.

Answered by Amrita Dudeja

PR Executive, MSL Group

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