Do Less. Be More.

Do Less. Be More.

Tawney Allen

Socia Media Marketer at Tealwing Marketing

What’s your current position & how did you reach here?

Tawney Allen - Social Media Marketer. My background is business development, entrepreneurship, and spiritual transformation. I spent a lot of time on social media so I learned how to make money doing it!

What have you found to be the most effective marketing tactic/platform, beyond social media?

Tawney Allen - Blending the lines of personal and professional. Customers are hungry for authenticity.

What is your #1 tip for a newbie in marketing?

Tawney Allen - All the secrets of what works comes from you. Discover it by doing the work.

If you could choose to implement only one marketing tactic for the next 3 months, what would you choose to do?

Tawney Allen - Sharing posts into Facebook groups and engaging!

How have you / your brand been engaging with your customers/audience/users/fans lately?

Tawney Allen - We created a process where niche target marketing is combined with Gary V's $1.80 strategy.

What problem are you focused on solving for your customers/audience/users/fans? What is their biggest need that you (or your company) are helping with?

Tawney Allen - Behind the scenes, we are shifting business owners perspective to remove any limitations that block them from tapping into the fullest potential of their business.

Which tools do you use the most for tracking and managing the success of your marketing business?

Tawney Allen - Google Analytic is my best friend!

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