I enjoy using the power of social media to help small businesses.

I enjoy using the power of social media to help small businesses.

Stephanie Sadler

Social Media Strategist

What’s your current position & how did you reach here?

Stephanie Sadler - I've been a freelance social media strategist and content creator since the beginning of 2018. Before that, I was in the same type of role with a company for six years. That company is now a client, and I still really enjoy the work I do with them.

Which social media platform is working best for your brand at the moment? Why do you think that is?

Stephanie Sadler - For my personal brand and most of my clients (who are primarily travel, visual arts and children's brands), Instagram is working best right now. But it depends on business goals, target audience and many other factors. Other clients have excellent engagement on Facebook and one is making the most of LinkedIn.

What are you actively focused on learning about these days and how?

Stephanie Sadler - How to run a Facebook group in the most effective and strategic way - both for myself and for various clients. Facebook is giving groups more focus so engagement here is higher and it's a more intimate environment in which to connect with an audience.

What is a key metric you’re measuring these days, and why?

Stephanie Sadler - Engagement is always at the top of the key metric list. High engagement shows your posts are resonating with your audience and sparking conversations organically on social is key for visibility.

If you could choose to implement only one marketing tactic for the next 3 months, what would you choose to do?

Stephanie Sadler - Putting the time into building relationships with a target audience through organic engagement.

How have you / your brand been engaging with your customers/audience/users/fans lately?

Stephanie Sadler - Lately, mostly through leaving thoughtful comments on relevant content, using Instagram and Facebook Stories to ask questions, and having a strong presence in Facebook Groups.

What problem are you focused on solving for your customers/audience/users/fans? What is their biggest need that you (or your company) are helping with?

Stephanie Sadler - As a social media strategist, I'm focused on helping small businesses use their social media to effectively connect with their target audience to achieve their business goals. Small business owners are often talent rich but time poor, so it's difficult for them to stay on top of social media themselves by posting consistently and keeping up to date with best practices for each platform.

What are the best tips you were ever given when conducting a social media campaign?

Stephanie Sadler - Ask yourself: Why will my audience care about this content? Will it spark conversation? Ultimately, will it help achieve the end goal?

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