Get Shit Done

Get Shit Done

Rupert Samuel

The boss, Walletly, A1Club.

What’s your current position & how did you reach here?

Rupert Samuel - Always been my own boss, I have never take shit from anyone.

What will success look like for you in your work in the next few weeks?

Rupert Samuel - Happy business owners.

What are you actively focused on learning about these days and how?

Rupert Samuel - New ways that can make my business customers more money.

What has been your biggest challenge recently and how did you overcome it?

Rupert Samuel - Working with people on every time zone, dealt with it by not sleeping.

How do you prioritize your tasks/projects for the day/week? Do you use any special methods or frameworks?

Rupert Samuel - Yes i do use a frame work. I do jobs only i can do. Jobs that take the least amount of time get done first. Team does everything else.

What problem is your company solving and how?

Rupert Samuel - Connecting with customer via chatbots and wallets.

What are your top 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs?

Rupert Samuel - 1. work every day.
2 get 5 things done every day. 3 do 12 hours days. The guy that does the 9-5 7 days a week will have no chance if every week you have added another day on to your working week.

How did you get the word out for your startup?

Rupert Samuel - Groups, and starting controversial posts

How important has digital marketing been for your startup?

Rupert Samuel - The most

What role does social media play in your marketing strategy?

Rupert Samuel - Everything

What do you think is the number one marketing mistake founders do?

Rupert Samuel - Don't listen to there customers requirements

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