Trust yourself, Be yourself and always provide value

Trust yourself, Be yourself and always provide value

Maxine Kerley

Owner, Digital Bon Bons

What’s your current position & how did you reach here?

Maxine Kerley - I'm my own boss. I launched the business in Dec 2016 while in my corporate role. I've been working in digital marketing for over 10 years in various industries and always in an organic marketing role. I've been involved in all the elements and how they work together along with strategy and planning too. I had my daughter in 2014 and returned to work in 2015. It was a year after when my boss was due to go on maternity leave that I was promoted. I was to look after her role while she was away and it was this that gave me the confidence to finally go for it with my own business. It's evolved a lot since that first launch and as anyone in marketing knows it changes frequently and I like that, being your own boss is like that too. You move, grow, evolve and basically strive to deliver the best service to your clients.

What will success look like for you in your work in the next few weeks?

Maxine Kerley - Wow next few weeks! I would love to have a full week off and not because there are school holidays but because I want the whole week off to have some time to relax, possibly get some life admin done but basically have some downtime. It would also be great to be booking our Summer Holiday too.

Which social media platform is working best for your brand at the moment? Why do you think that is?

Maxine Kerley - Instagram. I knew when I launched this was where my clients would be "hanging out" so in the early days I worked very hard on connecting with people and building relationships, joining communities and it's still working like that for me now. I'd say around 70 - 80% of my business comes via this platform. I love that it's visual, I love the conversations.

What have you found to be the most effective marketing tactic/platform, beyond social media?

Maxine Kerley - I am all about having more to your marketing mix than just Social Media and I can see so many businesses put too much reliance on social media platforms for their business success and it's just not sustainable long term and also your mental health so I work very hard on my email list and my subscribers. I have a Facebook Group and also a podcast to share stories of fellow parent business owners and how they manage the juggle of it all.

What are you actively focused on learning about these days and how?

Maxine Kerley - I really love Pinterest as a platform and am interested in how people search and because it's a visual search engine (not a social media platform, which is how many categorise it) I am finding out more and more about how to use this in my business to create more website traffic and hopefully attract some international clients too.

If you had the time to add one more project or tactic to your marketing, what would it be, and why?

Maxine Kerley - I would probably say Pinterest. I'd love to offer this as a service but I'm a firm believer in that I need to walk the walk, so I like to learn and most importantly put into practice as much as I can first to see results to then be able to help other business owners.

What has been your biggest challenge recently and how did you overcome it?

Maxine Kerley - I think every business owner struggles with switching off and while I am very good at taking breaks from social media, my mind can still be racing and I will often have a notebook in my hand ready to plan or note down something. It's something I am working on all the time and also really looking after myself as well. I wouldn't say I have overcome this but I am always trying to really listen to myself and what I need so that I can be the best version of myself in my business too.

What is a key metric you’re measuring these days, and why?

Maxine Kerley - Website traffic and conversions because we can have "x" number of followers etc but you need to be driving traffic and actually making sales by getting seen in as many areas as you can be.

How do you prioritize your tasks/projects for the day/week? Do you use any special methods or frameworks?

Maxine Kerley - When I worked with my coach she always spoke about prioritising and how to make that work. So I look at making sure that I work on something for my business first, whether that's a blog post, social media content - just so I am always moving my business forward first - then it will be client work and times to go through emails, facebook group conversations etc.

If you could choose to implement only one marketing tactic for the next 3 months, what would you choose to do?

Maxine Kerley - I would like to choose Pinterest because this is the area that I really want to build on for my business.

How have you / your brand been engaging with your customers/audience/users/fans lately?

Maxine Kerley - Oh lots of way, so via Instagram DM's stories, engagement on posts, replies from newsletter, groups conversations, virtual chats and also meeting in real life too plus speaking at events.

What problem are you focused on solving for your customers/audience/users/fans? What is their biggest need that you (or your company) are helping with?

Maxine Kerley - I want business owners to know that marketing your business online doesn't need to be hard or overwhelming, it's totally something they can do and it can work successful around busy family life too. I like help business owners feel confident and in control of their marketing, thinking and looking at all the ways to market their business so that they don't just rely on one method as the key to their success. I like to support and encourage because I know what it's like and all the doubts and fears that go through our heads. I want business owners to have a strategy and plan they can follow with ease and most importantly see results from.

What are the best tips you were ever given when conducting a social media campaign?

Maxine Kerley - Oh authentic, be engaging and always give back.

Which tools do you use the most for tracking and managing the success of your marketing business?

Maxine Kerley - Lots of google analytics, email service provider insights, social media insights on their platforms.

What is your #1 tip for a newbie in marketing?

Maxine Kerley - Oooh okay so if you're new to marketing my number one tip would be to learn as much as you can and put it into practice, try things, learn from things and adapt. You won't have it all figured out straight away and if you need advice find the people who can help you.

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