Making things happen

Making things happen

Maryna Burushkina

Chief Marketing Officer at 7MARKETZ Group

What’s your current position & how did you reach here?

Maryna Burushkina - I started my career back in university, where I was doing marketing for an international student organisation Enactus. In 2010 while traditional marketing was still dominating, I started to learn more about online customer journey during my internship at Allianz. As a global insurance giant, I received great mentorship on leading topics of lead management and digital transformation, which have shaped me as a ‘starter’ in Digital Marketing. Coming back to my graduation year at the university, I started 7marketz in the Netherlands, on-boarding a number of SMEs for online marketing services. My network was growing fast through referrals and LinkedIn marketing. No website presence was even necessary for 7marketz those days, as leads were coming through by (online) WoM. In 2013, I continued my career as Campaign Manager at an international Fintech company, followed by other positions as MarCom Manager at a biotech startup and Digital Marketing Manager at Philips headquarters.

A combination of startup marketing, global corporations and own agency have shaped me as an experienced marketer in the tech world.

In summer 2017 I was back as a full time Chief Marketing Officer with my agency team, which has grown to 2 more offices and 100+ team members worldwide.

Today we are not just a digital marketing agency, but also a Group holding for a number of other innovative projects with fintech publishing, AI and machine learning.

What will success look like for you in your work in the next few weeks?

Maryna Burushkina - Can’t wait to launch GrowthChannel 1.0 😎
GrowthChannel is an AI powered marketing engine to automate the routine tasks of marketers for planning, campaign activation, optimisation and reporting, leaving more time for marketers to focus on creativity and strategy.

What have you found to be the most effective marketing tactic/platform, beyond social media?

Maryna Burushkina - Good question! Social media has definitely been on top of the list, but another great tactic that made a huge difference to our marketing results is really A/B and multivariate testing. Tools such as Google Optimise and Optimizely (among many other out there) are great for ongoing landing page optimisation and driving conversion performance.

What are you actively focused on learning about these days and how?

Maryna Burushkina - AI and Machine Learning blogs and books are taking up the most space on my shelves these days. With the growing trend of automation, we have to keep up and seek new optimisation channels for growth.

If you had the time to add one more project or tactic to your marketing, what would it be, and why?

Maryna Burushkina - Hosting webinars. Really, providing education and real value to clients and prospects, reconnecting with our audience on a frequent basis is something I'd like to start soon.

What has been your biggest challenge recently and how did you overcome it?

Maryna Burushkina - Becoming a mom has definitely made a huge difference in my life. While still having 9 months of planning for the new family arrival, you can never really expect how different (and difficult!) the parenting can be. Every day is a new challenge, a new discovery, a new chapter which my husband and I are experiencing. Today our baby boy is almost 9 months old and we are still learning how to be good “working parents” with the help of grannies, other family members and nursery 👪

What is your #1 tip for a newbie in marketing?

Maryna Burushkina - Set a clear path of milestones to reach your goal. Planning is 50% success ;)

What is a key metric you’re measuring these days, and why?

Maryna Burushkina - Conversion rate.
This has been in focus for a while now, and will always stay relevant. Conversion rate tells us how well a certain channel is performing, attributed to the success rate of our marketing activities, down to the business bottom line. And the best thing about it - clients LOVE to hear about it too :)

How do you prioritize your tasks/projects for the day/week? Do you use any special methods or frameworks?

Maryna Burushkina - I myself am handling 10+ projects at a time, so good planning and time management is key. In our team we use Slack, Dropbox, and Skype as main tools for project management, which helps with communication.

Eisenhower matrix also works wonders for prioritisation 🏃🏃

For personal time management, here are my “keys to success”:
- Make sure to dedicate 15-30 mins every beginning and end of the day to planning and prioritisation.
- Take a short (walking or standing) break every 2 hours to refresh the mind, connect with people and refill on the water/ coffee.
- Dedicate time for offline work.

If you could choose to implement only one marketing tactic for the next 3 months, what would you choose to do?

Maryna Burushkina - We are in B2B space, so the best channel for us is really LinkedIn. It has been on top of our acquisition sources since beginning, and we keep on growing our presence there. Not just Direct outreach, but active Communities participation, Company page presence, sponsored updates and team's endorsements are crucial.

How have you / your brand been engaging with your customers/audience/users/fans lately?

Maryna Burushkina - It really depends on where they are in the customer decision journey. If we are talking to fans (top of the funnel), we often talk to them via social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). In the middle of the funnel, we engage with prospects and leads on our website and messaging tools (Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype). Clients and SQLs are often engaged with us in email conversations and messaging tools. Slack and messaging tools are then core for client collaboration down the funnel.

What problem are you focused on solving for your customers/audience/users/fans? What is their biggest need that you (or your company) are helping with?

Maryna Burushkina - That would depend on the client. While we are helping many startups with growth strategies and fundraising campaigns, there are also big corporate clients where we run niche digital marketing operations that focus on lead generation and conversion optimisation.

Which tools do you use the most for tracking and managing the success of your marketing business?

Maryna Burushkina - A good tech stack is vital for any company's success, and there isn't a single tool that will be sufficient (not even Hubspot). A combination of website analytics (Google Analytics, Hotjar), website optimisation (Google Optimise), email campaigns (Mailchimp), social media (Kontentino), content marketing (Grammarly) and lead management (HubSpot) are the core of our business operations.

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