Sell the problem you solve, not the product!

Sell the problem you solve, not the product!

Deep Patel

Founder & COO of Zybra

What’s your current position & how did you reach here?

Deep Patel - I am the founder & COO of Zybra. We came together at VentureStudio(by Stanford University’s Centre for Design Research & Ahmedabad University) Earlier, I was founder & CEO at InterestShip a platform for students to explore, learn & grow in their field of interest. We impacted more than 1 Lakh students through this platform.

What will success look like for you in your work in the next few weeks?

Deep Patel - In next few weeks, Zybra would be crossing the mark of 60k+ User base and at InterestShip, we would be expanding to Australian Markets

What are you actively focused on learning about these days and how?

Deep Patel - Currently I am learning about WhiteLabeling & Licensing of Products. Would love to connect people with similar interests

How do you prioritize your tasks/projects for the day/week? Do you use any special methods or frameworks?

Deep Patel - Use Urgent Important Matrix & track tasks on Asana/Trello

What problem is your company solving and how?

Deep Patel - At Zybra we are solving the problem of waste of around 80% of efforts spent into Accounting & Finance processes due to Costly, Offline & Complex solutions existing in the market

What are your top 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs?

Deep Patel -
(1) Get the product validated. Fail as fast as you can
(2) If your employees don't feel valued, neither will your customers

How did you get the word out for your startup?

Deep Patel - Network built over time & Social Media

How important has digital marketing been for your startup?

Deep Patel - Very Important. We get most of our leads through Digital Marketing

What role does social media play in your marketing strategy?

Deep Patel - Very Less

What do you think is the number one marketing mistake founders do?

Deep Patel - In my learning from various startups I mentor, Founders keep the Marketing Budget small. Not spending enough resources on Marketing is a big mistake.

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