There is no good age to start a company, all you need is Vision.

There is no good age to start a company, all you need is Vision.

Abhishek Sharma

Founder - Social Pod

What’s your current position & how did you reach here?

Abhishek Sharma - I founded Social Pod, an end to end Social Media Management Agency after working for 7 years in Sales and Marketing roles spanned across Brand Management, Digital Marketing and Product Management.

What will success look like for you in your work in the next few weeks?

Abhishek Sharma - Exceeding expectations of our customers in terms of $ value and brand building, as happy customer is the backbone of your business.

Which social media platform is working best for your brand at the moment? Why do you think that is?

Abhishek Sharma - It really depends on the type of project we are working on and the goal we want to achieve, Linkedin is working well to generate leads.

What have you found to be the most effective marketing tactic/platform, beyond social media?

Abhishek Sharma - Making an inclusive action plan following the basics principles Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning along with marketing mix (Product, Place, Price, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence).

What are you actively focused on learning about these days and how?

Abhishek Sharma - Measuring the effectiveness of strategies and their implementation at root level.

What is your #1 tip for a newbie in marketing?

Abhishek Sharma - Don't be afraid to experiment and take risks in whatever work you do.

What is a key metric you’re measuring these days, and why?

Abhishek Sharma - Return on Investment, because profitability gives you more flexibility to experiment.

If you could choose to implement only one marketing tactic for the next 3 months, what would you choose to do?

Abhishek Sharma - Only Content Marketing

What problem are you focused on solving for your customers/audience/users/fans? What is their biggest need that you (or your company) are helping with?

Abhishek Sharma - Giving incremental business by boosting the sales funnel and generating qualified leads to improve conversion rates.

Which tools do you use the most for tracking and managing the success of your marketing business?

Abhishek Sharma - CRM, Salesforce, Hootsuite, MailChimp.

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